The Art of
Living Deliberately

Monthly online masterclass on how movies, books, and other stories can teach you to live deliberately
... while you sip coffee and relax in the safety and comfort of your own home

You're an adventurous soul who is longing to feel more empowered, uplifted, and inspired.

Over the past many months of restrictions, you have thought to yourself that there must be more to life. That there must be a deeper meaning and a path ahead that's more fulfilling than what we had before.


There's a part of you that longs to travel and explore new ideas and places, but that part of you is perhaps feeling slightly discouraged or depleted.


You love stories - whether in movies, books, songs, plays or elsewhere - and you wish you had someone to explore their deeper meanings with.


Now imagine sitting in a cozy online café environment with like-minded people from all over the world. And envision getting life-changing mentoring there in how the deeper layers of the stories you love can help you craft and live your own personal story more deliberately.

You're frustrated because...

  • You¬†constantly feel overstimulated and distracted by things that perhaps are not all that important for how you are longing for your life to be.

  • You feel like your precious life story is being written and determined¬†by random occurrences beyond your control.

  • You feel bombarded on all¬†sides by (mostly useless) information - and you're staring at a tiny screen for more hours a day than you care to admit.
  • You wish you had a passionate group of inspiring people with whom you could share the¬†deeper things in life that¬†truly matter to you.


I know exactly how you feel, my friend.

The good news is that you can start exploring a new path of your own choosing much more easily - and enjoyably - than you may imagine. One where you travel confidently in the footsteps of the heroes in stories you love.

Since the beginning of mankind, stories have helped us understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. Their ancient wisdom shows us that we are not alone, no matter how dark the territory we are currently going through.

Hi, I'm Annette Wernblad. Since I was very little, I have known that there is a profound wisdom in stories. I actually taught myself to read because I was aching to explore my treasured books more deeply. I watched every classic movie I had access to and was amazed by how they hold up a mirror to deeper sides of us. 

Later, I continued my exploration through years of formal academic training. I have spent the last decades lecturing at European universities and schools, offering intensive courses and workshops in my own business, and writing two books on archetypal and mythological journeys in movies (one of which was actually on a bestseller list for a few weeks). 

I have seen hundreds of examples among my students of profound lightbulb moments when they fully realized how stories - and the characters in them - teach us crucial lessons that can guide us through even the most difficult problems. 

Imagine how it would feel to...

Put down your phone and relax in a cozy environment with an inspiring community of likeminded adventurers all over the world - while being mentored to deliberately become the best version of all that you are by one of the foremost cultural mythologists in the world.

Understand how watching Netflix can actually be really GOOD and nurturing for you when you learn to walk in the footsteps of inspiring characters - instead  of being something you binge like junkfood to numb your exhausted mind at the end of yet another stressful day.

Reclaim the inner explorer that you were so familiar with and proud of when you were little - and as an added bonus, this is an incredibly rewarding journey to share with the children in your life (and I guarantee you that they are much better at this than you are).


You can get all this in 90 minutes of intense hygge and learning every month - without having to do homework or time-consuming exercises.


The Virtual Café is an annual membership program for adventurous souls who want to be deeply inspired by stories and the hero's journey, so they can start crafting their own story, be the hero in their own life, and live deliberately.


You get monthly access to the vibe of the great cafes of Paris, London, Copenhagen and beyond from the safety and comfort of your own home!


The 90-minute monthly masterclasses consist of two-thirds teaching and mentoring and one-third sharing by an enthusiastic and passionate group of people in different countries.


I am the only one who's on camera, so you can just curl up safely at home and allow yourself to relax and take it all in.


What this membership program offers, you cannot find anywhere else in the world. I extract the distilled essence of my own experience and decade-long professional studies, and then I alchemistically blend it with my vast knowledge of film, literature, and mythology, and show you how it applies to your life.


"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."
‚ÄĒ Henry David Thoreau

At each and every one of the monthly online café masterclasses, you'll get:

Precious time to let go of all the distraction, transcend the madness of the current situation, and instead connect with your inner wanderer, realigning yourself, and delving deeply into fascinating cultural topics.

Inspiring age-old wisdom on stories, movies, literature, the hero's journey, archetypes, lifestyle philosophy, famous cities and real cafés, and much more. You don't need any prior knowledge of any of these things: I will walk you safely through it all.

Immersion in the vibe and wisdom of the great cafés of Paris, London, or New York where artists, thinkers, writers, philosophers and filmmakers have been hanging out for centuries.

Easily implementable tools to start creating your own life story deliberately, as well as worksheets and checklists of things you can explore further on your own, in case you want more. 

An inspiring community where you get instant access to a feeling of adventure that you can share with an international group of passionate and exciting people.

The opportunity to transform your life by walking in the footsteps of countless heroes through the ages; learning brand new (and even fun) ways to face the obstacles you encounter in your life.

When you join The Virtual Café you get:

  • A 90-minute online masterclass¬†every month, taught by a passionate expert teacher with decades of experience.
  • A replay link so you can participate whenever you want if you can't make it on the scheduled day.
  • Access to a member's only page where you can find extra goodies, little surprises, and bonus mini-workshops¬†throughout the year.¬†
  • Monthly worksheets and checklist of things you can explore further on your own if you want more. ¬†
  • An inspiring and enthusiastic¬†international community with whom to share your love of delving into the important things in life.
  • A closed Facebook group¬†for members only.
Annette Wernblad’s insights and gorgeous images teach, as well as inform us of ourselves. She always brings something new and interesting on a variety of subjects; especially cinema. This is a person you can learn from and enrich yourself in the process.
Spending time in her virtual café fills a desire of communicating complex and interesting subjects with like-minded individuals - something which, since Covid, has become near impossible to do.
‚ÄĒ Michael Brakemeyer,¬†St Louis
"The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes."
‚ÄĒ Marcel Proust
Annette's talks bridge academia and personal development concepts in a way I really love. By considering film, tv and literature as modern myth, she explores how we can use the concepts found within art to navigate our own journeys in life.
‚ÄĒ Sally A. Ward

The Virtual Café is perfect for you if:

  • You are an adventurous and exploring spirit longing for a boost of inspiring armchair travel and¬†community¬†

  • You¬†would love to deliberately create your own life story by learning from movies, books, and the great thinkers throughout history

The Virtual Café may not be for you if:

  • You are looking for hands-on individual coaching or counselling¬†

  • You are not interested in literature, movies, or deeper philosophical and psychological¬†issues

  • You're happy to just have your life story written by random events beyond your control

Not sure if The Virtual Café is right for you?
Email me at and

I'll be happy to help you decide!

"If you are curious and have an open mind,
then this is the membership for you."


Maybe you're thinking...

I don't have the time 



This membership only takes 90 minutes a month - time that you will spend in a cozy, stimulating environment with an inspiring international community. There is no preparation involved.

I don't have the money



Your investment in this program can be as little as $33 a month - the equivalent of any café visit. You just bring your own favourite drink and get life-changing mentoring by one of the world's leading cultural mythologists and film experts.

Am I smart enough for this?

You need no prior knowledge of the topics discussed. I will take you through this journey and tell you everything you need to know. All you need is an open, inquisitive mind and a desire to learn and be inspired. 

Here's what happens when you join:

As soon as you join, you will get an email from me containing the link to the members only page where you can find extra goodies waiting for you, and information about upcoming masterclasses.


Your membership renews annually until you cancel by sending me an email. Super easy!

Frequently asked questions

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Before you go... 

If there's one thing I want you to remember, it's this:


Trust your gut!


If you've read this far, I have a feeling this membership could be exactly what you need. So don't second guess yourself.


If you're worried you're not ready yet, or aren't 100% convinced that The Virtual Café is the perfect fit for you - reach out to and I will help you make the right decision.


I'll be totally honest about whether I think this program will help and inspire you to craft your own story and live your precious life deliberately.


You've got nothing to lose.


So what are you waiting for?

A few more words about me!

An interviewer recently asked me to describe myself in 3 words or less. The answer was easy enough. It would have to be: WANDERER AT HEART.


To me, there is nothing more exciting than the fact that we are given this wondrous life, and that we can go wherever we want.


Yes, I know that for many different reasons we cannot always go on outer journeys to new destinations, but we are much freer than we may realize to venture on inner ones into the vast realm within our own minds.


Books, movies and other stories can help us set sail if we learn to see how they mirror deep sides of ourselves back to us. The more mindful and deliberate we are on our journeys ‚Äď outer as well as inner ‚Äď the deeper the experience we have of this one precious life.


I am based in Copenhagen, but being a wanderer at heart, I have structured my life around freedom. Thus, my life and business are set up so that a large part of the year I can work wherever I want to. I spend as much of my time as possible in tiny temporary homes I have set up in my favourite cities where I can explore and work and refuel.


I would really love to have you join me on this adventure of stories, movies, books, travel, journeys, lifestyle philosophy, and the art of living deliberately. 


What do you say?